Park Rules

Park Rules     NO EXCEPTIONS

There are a few rules that we will enforce at all parties and that we ask you abide by, these rules are here for yours and everyone else’s safety.

  • NO PARKING Cars or Trucks in TENT CAMPING AREAS – Motorcycle’s are allowed  onlyThis is an insurance liability and we must enforce it. We ask that you unpack your vehicle and then move it to the parking area. If you have special needs, Please let the staff know so that you can be placed in a specifically designated area to accommodate you.
  • NO WEAPONS – These will be confiscated and returned only at the Owner or Security staff discretion.
  • SPEED LIMIT – The Speed limit in the park is 10mph and will be strictly enforced. This is for your own safety as well as all others that there to enjoy themselves. Failure to comply with the speed limit could result in losing the keys to the vehicle and it will be up to the Owner or Security staff discretion as to when you would receive them back. Severe or multiple violations can result in being escorted from the park.
  • No refunds.
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